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Pie Lord

‘I queued up for 15 minutes for this pie for you, make sure you have it with mash and gravy ok!?’


Lord of the Pies, based in Stockport, is no stranger to a queue at Lunch Time.

I went for the British Beef & Blacksticks Blue – hands down the best pie I have ever had. Team with some steamed tenderstem broccoli, kale and gravy and you’ll be in pie heaven

lord of pieslord of pieslord of pies

They do a whole range of pies along with soups, ploughmans lunches, weekly specials and even pies for Weddings, instead of the cake..

For more updates and nice pie pictures head over to their Facebook and Twitter

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she’s coming: Part Deux

Please note, this has now been changed to August 15th & 16th

If the announcement of Hello Kitty Live  didn’t get you excited, then people of Manchester, get involved in this

Hello Kitty will be traveling to the Trafford Centre on 29th & 30th August. Expect photo ops and loads of cute stuff to buy along with the chance to get your nails done by Sophy Robson.

Last time I met Hello Kitty in person was at Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. This was in 2007 so judge the photo all you want. I’ll get a classier one next time round

See you there!

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Food: Splendid Kitchen

2015 is the year of the fried chicken – if you didn’t know already

I keep dreaming about fried chicken and Splendid Kitchen’s Fried Chicken dinner may have held those dreams off for at least a few days.

Brought to the table was a big white bowl with a sea of onion gravy surrounding a heap of well mashed potato, two boneless thighs of succulent fried chicken along with a corn on the cob. Unfortunately (and not on the menu) some naughty spring onions had found their way on top, but they were soon marched off.


We also enjoyed a Pimms cocktail sharer and used the cucumbers as some form of starter. If you think you’re ‘ard enough then go for some Pizza Fries too (Fries topped with their homemade pizza sauce, chorizo, pepperoni and cheese – I know right)

Book your table online in July/August and get 25% off your bill

Day Visited: Tuesday
Time: 7pm
Best Bit: Their unique recipe chicken – delicious
Worst Bit: Naughty spring onions / me making myself too full & nearly sick


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she’s coming

Hello Kitty is coming to your town and you know you’ll see me there

Hello kitty

Take your niece or your friends kid and say you are there for them if you want, but we know that’s just an excuse.

With a soundtrack featuring Bruno Mars, Charlie XCX, Kylie Minogue and Clean Bandit – you won’t want to miss it will you? Book before 31st August to receive £5 off your ticket

hello kitty

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they can send a rocket up to the moon but they can’t cure hay fever

i started with the stupid damn allergy back in 2012 and haven’t found anything that 100% helps the itchy eyes, embarrassing snotty nose and frequent sneezing. There are a few things I find slightly decreases the Jigglypuff look and it might help you too;

• Lloyds Pharmacy Hayfever Reliever. Yeah you will look like rudlof for a few minutes every day but this thing does actually help and is a good investment. You stick two prongs up your nose and using red light therapy it suppresses the cells in your nose that releases histamines. Get yours here.

• after being outside change your clothes and maybe have a quick shower to remove any stupid pollen from your body

• take more than one tablet but less than three. One is not enough

• don’t smoke. It’s naughty anyway but smoking can increase the irritation

• avoiding pollen. Wrap your head in cling film and poke a few small holes near your mouth and nose so you can breathe a bit then stay indoors and cry

good luck


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Food: Tariff & Dale

There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about Tariff & Dale. Food was great, service was great, music was great, champagne was great and the air con was exceptional in the gross Manchester heat.

Try the Pork Nuggets, pulled pork inside a little breadcrumb house with crackling on the side

It’s no surprise that they have been shortlisted for Best Newcomer at this years Manchester Food & Drink Festival. You can vote for them and your other favourite Manchester bars and restaurants here.

They also have an impressive breakfast selection which I will be returning to try. Have a look at their food and drinks menu online




Day Visited: Wednesday
Time: 7pm
Best Bit: Pork Nuggets
Worst Bit: No faults – great first visit


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