Kitty Says Alvvays


Most played this week: Alvvays


Canadian band Alvvays released their self titled album back in July and mannnn I love it. The next song to be released is my favourite ‘Party Police.’

See their video for ‘Archie, Marry Me’ below and listen to the album on Spotify.


Their Manchester show next week is sold out, but they will be back in September. More UK dates can be found on

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Kitty Says Cobrashark

GET A T SHIRT FROM THE COBRASHARK SHOPcsharkcobrasharkcobrashark

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Kitty Says Do This This Week [MCR]

3 things you should do in Manchester this week


birdmanWatch Birdman 

Winner of two Golden Globes, all star cast, brilliantly filmed, Birdman is a must see. Emma Stone is amazing and you get to see Edward Norton’s bare butt (enough said)



Have a clear out for charity

Great news, The Empty Shop is back! Donate your clothing to help fill the shop, your items will be either be sold or given to those who need them most, all for The Mustard Tree homeless charity.  The shop will stand at Exchange Square from 23rd January until 1st February so get involved.



Eat at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

Golden brown on the outside and ooooozy in the middle, grab yourself a grilled cheese sandwich on Church St. You have to be fast, the guys sold out today! Follow Northern Soul Grilled Cheese on Twitter for updates and photos (like the one above)



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Kitty Says Girls

I love Lena Dunham, no matter how naked she gets. Girls is the only series I have ever sat through and watched on my own

Episode 1 of the new season premiered in the US on Sunday and it was worth the wait. Already seen it and can’t wait until next week? Fill in the gap with ‘Tiny Furniture’ starring Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa in Girls.


Did you enjoy the first episode of the new series? Look out for Marnie’s opening scene

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Kitty Says Let It Go

Love Frozen but over the age of 16? ASDA have got you covered.

frozen frozen frozen












Pick up your Anna, Elsa and Olaf (wow) costume from the Fancy Dress section of their website for just £30..

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Kitty Says Sober

Watch the new video to Childish Gambino’s ‘Sober’ below, and listen to the whole Kauai EP on Spotify

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Kitty Says New Emoji Plz


Emojis I would like to see in circulation this year:

Seahorse – just cause

Cheese – it’s everyone’s favourite snack

Westside hand sign – for when you are listening to TQ

Dinosaur – I’m sick of using the dragon one in it’s place

Sick Face – the morning after you’ve had too many Bacardi Breezers

please Emoji gods, please

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