Kitty Says DZ Xmas

It’ssss Christmasssss [nearly] *:・゚✧

All the lights are up, everyone is complaining about the lights being up, the adverts are on the tv, everyone is complaining about the adverts being on the tv, Christmas songs are being played in shops and people are complaining about Christmas songs being played in shops. It has happened at the same time of the year every single year since you were born so why are you so surprised? Christmas is cool

Thanks to DZ Deathrays & Pulled Apart By Horses for these Christmas covers. Their upcoming Christmas 7″ split is out on December 8th

‘It happens earlier and earlier every year!’ Well that’s not true cause if it were true my tree would have been up in May

Merry Christmas *:・゚✧

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Kitty Says Simpson Ay

simpsons gal dem

Simpsons socks



Even Marge couldn’t grumble at that

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Kitty Says Girl Power ✌

Spice Girls appreciation post ✌



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Kitty Says Send Noods

If you want to be strong like a Samurai and fast like a ninja, then you must eat Kabuto Noodles. They take about 5 minutes to make, keep you full for a good few hours and are super tasty. I tried the Miso Ramen cup which was as nice as the miso & tofu soup I’ve had at restaurants. Grab them from Tesco where they are £1.70 per cup, or 2 for £3 at Waitrose


Follow them on Twitter and like the Facebook page

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Kitty Says Lyf

See more of my stuff @ sickisingood

Avocado Lyf

Sam Smith Lyf

Scrubs Lyf

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Kitty Says Eat Well

eat well

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November 4, 2014 · 1:46 pm

Kitty Says More-een

Thanks to the guys at Soreen for sending me another surprise care package, this time including their limited edition Halloween Toffee Apple Lunchbox Loaves. The best of the bunch is the new Orange Fruit Loaf, with a ridiculous butter:Soreen ratio


Win a years supply of Soreen over on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for #FreeLoafFridays

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