Kitty Says Ohh Sale

Psst, one of my favourite online stores has a sale on. Psst, don’t miss it.

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See what else Ohh Deer has to offer here

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Kitty Says Deliciously Squidgy


Soreen, it’s pronounced SOR-een

I like Soreen cut in slices topped with lots of butter, but did you know you can have Soreen in lots of different ways? There are some great recipes on their website and the Chocolate Soreen Flapjack is one of the best.

Using the Soreen Original malt loaf, butter, caster sugar, porridge oats, golden syrup and dark chocolate you can make your own. Just watch the video below and follow this link for the full recipe *warning, mouth watering*

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Kitty Says Fortune

Behold, the Fortune Cocky


For more not so real, real fortunes click here

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Kitty Says When in Reims

To cut a long story short, champagne & food.
I was lucky enough to visit Reims and sample everything G.H Mumm. Fine dining, tours of the Mumm cellars, extravagant French hosts, drivers and glass after glass of champagne. The city has a beautiful cathedral with a brilliant light show, great bars and super French restaurants. The city is just an hour outside of Paris, so if you have the chance to go it’s a must! I volunteered to try sabering a bottle of champagne and now I will never open a bottle of champagne normally again.


We also managed to squeeze two nights of karaoke into our trip, when in Reims eh


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Kitty Says Sleep


5 tips for a good nights sleep:

Camomile – Tastes a bit like flower infused dishwater but works a treat. Knocks you out and let’s you sleep though, 98% of the time all the time

Be a hero – if those neighbours are playing Avicii louder then they should it’s probably keeping other people up too. If you have the courage or the strength, go and knock on or shout ‘shut up please’ or tut loudly out of the window and hope they hear.

C ya caffeine – apparently drinking too much caffeine in the day keeps you up at night (who’d have thought ay) Try and have just one coffee in the morning to perk you up and go for a healthy snack when it comes to that afternoon slump

Stop scrolling – my friend Leanne Bond said that looking at your phone in the dark just before going to sleep makes your mind think it’s still daytime. We all have a 52 minute scroll through Twitter and Instagram before bed, we don’t want to miss anything do we! Worth a try

De stress – meditating does help. You don’t have to sit up but putting your hands on your belly, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth is relaxing. I’ve fallen asleep doing this lots of times. Teamed with camomile it’s a KO

Good night lads

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Kitty Says Stickers Time

Up on Facebook Chat all night to your bae? Well now you can send them BMO, Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum and the rest of the Adventure Time cast instead. Tell your best friend you can’t be bothered talking to them with a picture of Lemongrab, ignore that person who only messages you when they want something with a picture of Marceline playing the guitar.


Download the Adventure Time sticker pack for Facebook NOW for free here or be a super disappointment. Mathematical

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